Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sights of Dominica

We fully intended on spending more time in Dominica this season as there are so many wonderful hiking trails and things yet to see.  But, our time ran short.  However, we did mange to get some exploring in.  Below are some of the sights
That is sv Honey Ryder on the far right in the background
Horses rolling on the beach and then going for a dip.  One was chopping at the bit (literally) waiting to get in.  Apparently they love it, pawing at the water once they are in.

Coconut water is really popular on Dominica.  This guy sold out completely by 10:30am at the Saturday morning market day.

We got to reunite with SV Somewhere.  It's been a year since we last saw them in Grenada.  They learned to hunt and spear Lion fish in Dominica.  We got to try some they caught at the PAYS Wednesday night BBQ/reggae night.  Yum.  Sharon even went out and got her own small size Hawaiian sling that better fits her petite hands.  Go team Somewhere!!  FYI - Lion fish are not native to the Caribbean but they are everywhere now and wreaking havoc on the native fish populations.  Hunting and eating Lion fish is encouraged but not easy as they have nasty poisonous spines so education, training and caution are needed.

Of course, I find island politics fascinating.  I think this guy covers his bases pretty darn good in terms of "relationships" from WEST to EAST.

Speaking of politics - I don't think I could get this close to the White House.

4H in Dominica.  Yay 4H.  Yes, I was a 4H kid and thanks Mom for hauling me to all the 4H events.

Great spice and rum shop in Roseau.  Thanks to sv Libertine for telling us about this place.
Bamboo fort

What a great tree

Hurricane David downed the tree on this school bus and now they are one

Crazy tree

Walk and drive through botanical garden.

Interesting government offices located on the grounds of the botanical garden.  Dominica is working very hard to protect their agriculture and thus disposing of yacht trash in Dominica is a bit challenging at times.  But I don't blame them.  Most countries don't allow foreign agriculture in including rubbish like peels/skins, cores and such as those can carry parasites into the country.

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