Friday, June 26, 2015

Bequia Photo Action

Kenmore Henville is a local from Bequia that takes yacht photos.  We didn't have any good shots of sv Honey Ryder under sail.  That is until now.  Kenmore comes out in his dinghy to meet yachts arriving in Bequia, taking action shots as they sail in.  He knows cruisers like pictures of their boat sailing and the lines, where as charter people like pictures of themselves on the boat.  He has a great eye.  Then the next morning he dashes around the anchorage dropping off a printed sample, thumb drive with all the pics and price sheet.  There is no obligation to purchase but most do because they are great pics and reasonabily priced.  Check theses out Honey Ryder pics.  We are hoping to get more shots next year (full sail vs reefed and maybe one with us on the rails) now that we know about his business.  If you are sailing into Bequia at some point, keep this in mind if you want your own yacht shots. 

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