Friday, March 27, 2015

Pirates in the Palace - Kevin and Lisa Visit

Kevin and Lisa in Deep Bay 

"Pirates in the palace, pirates in the palace".....aka "cruisers in the resort, cruisers in the resort!"
Their own private infinity pool
Our dear friends Kevin and Lisa flew into Antigua from KC and spent a week at a very nice, all inclusive resort near Jolly Harbor.  Of course we crashed the place nearly everyday and thus "Pirates in the palace" reference.  It was immediately obvious that we didn't belong.  The guests were lily white or tender pink.  We are not.  Tom "looks like a piece of ole bacon" (inside joke) with his cruiser tanned skin.  The resort guests had on nice resort clothing and swimsuits.  We had our swimsuits and boat clothes (more than likely with holes or stains or both).  Resort guests wore flips flops or sandals.  We were barefoot.  The women had on big, sparkly jewelry.  I had on jewelry made of colorful strings, shells and local seeds from the Caribbean.  The guests also had stylish hair no doubt cut/trimmed in nice, proper salons on a regual basis.  Tom's hair is long in length and mine is just straw at this point.   And on and on......Tom and Kevin eventually were busted as a woman at the resort beach bar asked cautiously "Is that man staying at the resort" pointing to Tom.  D-oh!
Lisa enjoying her veranda for the week
But we didn't get into too much trouble because they had their own infinity pool out back of their bungalow so we hung out there.  Sweet!
One of these two does not belong

Yep, one does not belong.  Can you guess which one?

The gang
We had a blast during the week, getting caught up and seeing some of the sights of Antigua. We took them via local bus (aka crowded mini van) to the capital St John one day.  Another day was spent exploring Falmouth and English harbors with the historic Nelson's Dockyards and mega yachts to make our mouths drop open in awe of the opulence.  We even managed a lovely day sail up to Deep Bay on the NW corner of Antigua.  It was Lisa's first time sailing - 19.1 nautical miles logged that day!
Lisa's new office?
Of course as visitors from the USA, we turned them into our personal Sherpas by ordering hard to find in the islands and/or too expensive in the islands items/parts and had them cart it all down.  It was like Xmas on s/v Honey Ryder when they arrived with our loot.    Thank you SO much Kevin and Lisa for playing the Sherpas.
One dinghy, two buddies?

We had a wonderful time and look forward to them coming back next year.
Or three dingies?
Special Note  - Kevin emailed after they returned to KC letting us know they got home safe.  Lisa's comment while cleaning out the calf pen in the barn was "This is certainly different than what I was doing a week ago in Antigua!"  HA!

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