Thursday, March 12, 2015

Alive And Well

However no free wifi from the boat.  Argh!  Loading up the laptop or iPads and going ashore to find free wifi (which really is not free because you have to buy a coffee or beer at the least to get the password) is such a pain and we just haven't taken the time these past 2-3 weeks.  And often we find after buying the coffee or beer that the wifi is down and the staff doesn't know how to reset it.  Or super slow.  Argh!  

We are currently in Antigua.  We arrived here Sunday afternoon and anchored in the same area as last year where we got free wifi only to find NO free wifi now.  Argh!  

I know, I know....there are various solutions.  Many are out of our budget.  SIM card for iPad to get emails only ( no pics, no funny video clips, no streaming anything) has been working.  But we must get one for each island we go to.  This is an ALL day process and doesn't always work on the first try.....we have learned not to leave the Digicell shop until we see it working!  

Purchasing wifi to use on the boat is iffy at best.  I currently have a 24 hour coupon I purchase but I can't get HotHotHot to show up.  This tells me that even if I could connect, it would be slow at best.  Argh!  

I realize these are first world troubles but we aren't necessarily in the first world at times so they are a challenge. I also realize I am whining/complaining/bitching.....feels like venting.  Oh well.  Now I fell better.  Thanks for letting me vent.  

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  1. This would drive me crazy. Gotta have my wifi!