Saturday, March 28, 2015

Grill and Spare Parts

Workshop on the beach, made by some other cruiser, used by many
I know I have mentioned before many, many times how corrosive this environment is, and yet it still amazes me how fast things break down.  We are finding numbers items labeled MARINE have tiny piece and parts that are not set up to handle the salt and sea.  Boom!  Corrosion.  Even things that are built to withstand this environment start to show signs of corrosion at some point.

Our grill has been in a sad state of affairs since we moved aboard.  We carry tons of spare parts but none for the grill.  We didn't bother using it until we got to the Caribbean and then discovered we needed parts.  Grill parts are uber expensive down here so we have been on the lookout for used / second hand parts.  No such luck.

The solution came in the form of visitors from the USA or Sherpas as we call them.  Just kidding.  Our friends delivered the parts, so now all Tom had to do was take old off and put the new on.  Simple, right?  Not!  Remember....corrosion.  It was as if they were fused together.  Finally, he was able to get things apart and installed the new stuff and we are cooking with gas.....literally!  It's good to have the grill running again.  Yummy too.  Who knows, maybe we will start catching fish someday instead of fishing floats and old outboard motors.  Ha!

FYI - A seasoned cruisers told us they generally have to replace grill parts every year or two so now we will carry spares of those items too.

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  1. We called them mules in Belize. It was so helpful when people could bring a few small things down that we couldn't get there or that were too crazy expensive. And I even had a friend mule me down an MP3 player to Mexico (way pricey here) as I didn't know I'd be running until I got here and saw the track so close by. Mules, Sherpas, whatever you call them, they are priceless. Good luck with your grill!