Saturday, August 27, 2011

More Storm Stories

Since we are still glued to The Weather Channel and all the weather web sites,now worrying about all our internet sailing friends currently in the path of Hurricane Irene, I thought I would catch you up some freaky storms we experiences last weekend at Lake Perry.

Back to back storms brought 70 mph winds with some tough results for our dock neighbors.

Fellow sailors Paul and Jim's home made Bruce Robert's design sailboat demasted. Luckily it feel into the only open slip on the dock or it could have been worse.

A repeat the next night with more 70 mph winds pushed the docks around even more, shoving the E-Dock ramp up into the parking lot and into the back of this sailors car. That probably makes for an interesting call to the insurance agent....."Yeah, know the big storm last night? Well, my car got damaged. How? A dock rammed into it. No, I did NOT ram the dock again with my boat. I said the dock rammed my car."

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