Monday, August 8, 2011

Checking Off The List

Most of us live with lists in our lives. Some are more prolific list makers than others. There many different types of lists - To do, To Get, To Take, To Remember, To See, etc....In recent year's The Bucket List has been a popular list that comes up at coacktail parties for discussion. There is even a list of 50 Places to Sail Before You Die. Whatever! However it seems we have lists and check things off without even realizing or trying.
Example - our brief little tango with the BFB (Big Freakin Boat) in a narrow shipping channel with an engine that just quit was enough for us. We NEVER want to experience that "thrill" again. We find ourselves telling friends that we can now "check that off our list - been there, done that." We got by with only a blink of a scare and quickly sailed to safety. I can't say the same for this poor sailboat.

1 comment:

  1. I call that the Supertanker Anchor douse. It's a bold move to be sure!

    I don't know much about sailing but I think there are less expensive and less fatal ways to get your spinnaker down.