Saturday, September 1, 2018

Bonaire May June 2018 - Wind and Dust

June 2018

Did I mention Bonaire is windy?

And dry?

And dusty?  No?  Well it is.  Badly!  Think "Grape of Wrath", dust bowl type dusty.  In the eastern Caribbean, even in the dry season, it rains some.  Not in Bonaire.  We might get a drop or three but that is it.  We were there a total of six weeks and never saw any rain.

After a passage the boat is always salty with sea spray.  We rinse off the gear but we hate to wash the entire boat using precious HO2.  We usually wait for a rain shower.  Having never been to Bonaire, we didn't know it wasn't going to rain, so we waited and waited.  But the rain never came.  In the mean time, dust coated the deck, mixing with the salt spray and turning it into a light coat of mud.

Dust coated everything.  Ugh!  And no one warned us.  Many, many cruising friends had been there before us but no one said a word.

While it was a pain, it was minor in the big scheme of things.  But if you go, don't say we didn't warn you about the dust.

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