Saturday, September 1, 2018

Bonaire May June 2018 - Rincon Days

April 30 2018

Roberta, Mike and son Phillip
We were only in Bonaire a few days when sv Celilo / Mike and Roberta (aka all knowing cruisers about Bonaire because it is their 4th season here!) announced it was soon Rincon Days and invited us to come along with them to experience it.  We all rode up in their truck "Wanda."  The boyz -Tom, Jason and Phillip (Mike and Roberta's son who was visiting) all happily rode in the back of the pickup bed with the gear and beer.  *When was the last time you rode in the bed of a pickup truck?  Fun -Right!
Wanda the wonder truck and the boyz in the back

Rincon is a small town/village mid island.  The Rincon festival is celebrated by all on the island.  Everyone was in attendance.
One of the mas troupes 

Aruba beauties getting in on Rincon Days

They had a parade, much like carnival.....circling around and around on the parade route several times.
Young, old and in between

Everyone chippin'

There were Mas type troupes of people in the parade with wonderfully, beautiful customs - women, children and men, like carnival.
WOW - can you say PINK!

And the detail to the costumes - amazing!
Look at all the layers
The detail!
And the hats and headgear - wow

Oh the hats....

So regal

So many smiles - everyone was having fun

Oh la la

There was parade music.  Much of it live, like carnivals of old.

Look at these band outfits

Kids band

And additional music in street cafes.
Street cafe performers

Special Guiro

Tom even got in on a bit of the music.

And street festival food.
Food booth

It was basically carnival but with more clothing.  HA!
Laura and Jason

So much fun.
Roberta and Laura

Thanks sv Celilo
Phillip, Mike and Roberta

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  1. The costumes are amazing! Belize does similar parades at various times of the year, with the largest being Belizean Independence Day in September. The costumes are simply astonishing to me. And the fact that they are different every year! I think the ladies must work on these all year, starting the day after the current year's parade. Considering how difficult obtaining materials can be in "da islands", and the fact that most locals have serious financial challenges, I could never understand how they could put together such elaborate and beautiful costumes. It is most impressive, as are these in Bonaire.