Friday, April 13, 2018

Martinique 2018 - The Land Of Cheese

KC own Boulevard Beer Tank 7 beer
April 2018
This pic is for sv Just Imagine
We are back in the land of cheese!  And wine, and pain du chocolate, and baguettes, and coffee, and cheese.  YES!  Also good chandleries.  This is the primary reason we came back here to stock up on provisions and also boat parts, spares and upgrades. 
Polde and Tom

Annika and Bruce on the hike

Of course we are also getting caught up with cruising friends.

Old friends - sv Tango (Stefan and Annika)  and sv Imagine (Kurt) - New friend sv Shiraz (Thomas)

Caliber 40 LRC - sv Honey Ryder and sv Lost Loon (Nancy and Mike)

And meeting new cruising friends. 


And exploring.
Bocce Ball
 And trying new things.  
Bocce Ball

It's all good.   
Bill (sv Tootaloo)

Another fabulous sunset

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