Friday, April 13, 2018

Bequia to Martinique 2018

Our St Vincent and Grenadines flag or what is left after two months

March 2018

After two terrific months in Bequia, we weighed anchor and sailed for Martinique.  It seems to us that Bequia has really taken their game up a notch or two.  I would encourage any cruisers to spend more time there.  I would encourage land people to make the extra effort and go visit Bequia.

It was a full moon - aka dark so we didn't sail straight through to Martinique like we had planned but inside stopped overnight in Rodney Bay St Lucia.  We pulled in after dark, put up our yellow Q - quarantine flag and left first thing in the morning.  There is a lot of theft against cruisers going on in St Lucia.  Until something is done to change that, we are choosing not to spend ANY money there. 
sv Imagine - our friend Kurt ahead of us

sv Imagine - our friend Kurt behind us 

We had a fantastic sail from St Lucia to St Anne Martinique, sailing the whole way.  We have never had the right wind angle to sail the whole way in from St Lucia.  What fun! 
Sundowners in St Anne Martinique


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