Sunday, May 22, 2016

Reunion Time in Martinique

Pizza ashore - sv Amaris and guests and sv Just Imagine
View from St Anne east towards le Marin
We anchored for 5 days in Le Marin.  Holy cow.  Each time we come here we are blown away by how many boats are stuffed up in cul de sac du Marin.  Thousands.  And the yacht services are plenty.  We don't hear much about people getting work done here but then I think it's generally the French and mainland Europeans that do.  We are woefully lacking in cruising friends and acquaintances in that category.  Something I plan to fix in the next few seasons......"Hey Euro Sailor, want to be my friend?"  I know, I know...creepy Sabrina.
Tom and Farro (sv Margie)
Caliber 40 owners Bill and Sharon (sv Casa Blanca)
View of St Anne from the anchorage
View of anchorage from up the hill in St Anne
After 5 days, we moved out the St Anne anchorage for 1.). Shopping.  St Anne has some of the best little shops for trinket shopping.  2.). Clear water, beautiful beaches.  3.). Hiking and casual walks ashore vs schleps ashore in Le Marin to get provisions or parts.  4).  Quaint little French restaurants and snack shacks.  And finally to wait the arrival of cruising friends, a few we had not seen in two years.  One of the great things about cruising is the people you meet and get to know. 
French street food
Yummy French street food
Delicious pizza
Bakery - baguettes and out of this world pastries

Each morning on the SSB Coconut Net, we would hear fellow cruisers checking in as they headed south towards us.  Soon they all started arriving.  It was like old home week.  Suddenly our social calendar became packed with sundowners, dinners aboard or ashore, girls shopping, a beach BBQ, rental car sharing, and even a movie night.  Yes, movie night....more on this later.    
Cruisers beach BBQ

Cruisers beach BBQ

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