Sunday, May 22, 2016

Absolutely Fabulous - Sweetie Darling

Ab Fab - Eddie and Pats

Previously I mentioned a movie night.  Actually it was a night of watching episodes of the British comedy "Absolutely Fabulous" or "Ab Fab" as true fans call it.  Shawn (on Sv Amaris) and I somehow landed on Ab Fab and our excitement about the new Ab Fab movie coming out this summer - "Sweetie Darling" - very excited about this.  Then Shawn says "We have all the episodes on dvd."  Omg!  To which I suggested we should watch a few some evening.  However in true sv Amaris form, it was then decided that we would not just watch, but make an evening of it.  An "Ab Fab" party.  Fabulous!!
Speaking of absolutely fabulous....Shawn and Steven are
The next night I teased my hair up monumentally high into a proper Pasty (one of the main characters on "Ab Fab")  twist, stacked high and sprayed to stay put in a hurricane.  FYI - My super fine hair teases really well.  And yes, I did sleep with my lofty Pasty hair as it took nearly an hour to brush all that teasing out the next morning.  I was just too tired at the end of the night.  I know, I know, it's bad for your hair to sleep on it like that but guess what....whatever.  Anyway, hair teased up, I tossed on my best sparkly top and a scarf, dug out my red lipstick and heavy black eye liner and off we went to the "Ab Fab" party.  The champagne flowed and we laughed our way through four episodes.  Their guests Ron and Barbara were "Ab Fab" virgins, can you imagine!    
My best Pats - ciggie was prop only
Ab Fab virgins are ready
So are Shawn and Tom
This was actually our second watch party on sv Amaris.  The first was two years ago when Steven and Shawn invited us over to watch the latest Star Trek complete with popcorn.  The cockpit of their Outremer 49 makes a great place to view movies.  A laptop, projector, a sheet and BOOM, the best Cineplex in the world that also happens to be in a lovely anchorage somewhere in the Caribbean or wherever.  How kewl is that!  
Laptop, projector, screen, candy, champagne - check
One last look at the Pasty hair
Thanks guys.  It was fun.

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  1. Love your hair and outfit! Would you believe I'm an AbFab virgin too? With all the crazy places we've been, most of the time we don't get cable or English stations or sometimes any TV at all. I have heard great things, though!