Thursday, May 14, 2015

Bus Trip to Pointe a Pitre Guadeloupe

See the butterfly?
We had a really good visit into Pointe a Pitre.  The bus trip took nearly 2 hours but we basically got a tour of the north side of the western butterfly wing.  AND it was a proper big bus - no little mini van with 19 of our closest friends.
Some sort of protest where those protesting filled part of the road to slow people down and get attention

Ric and Diane check the map

Opps sorry.  I should explain.  For those that don't know.....and we didn't until we came to the Caribbean and sailed to this island.....Guadeloupe is shaped like a butterfly.  The western side is called Basse Terre but it's actually very mountainous with a dormant volcano, National Park and several waterfalls including the highest waterfall in the Caribbean.  All things we have not seen but want to.  We discovered on our bus ride into Pointe a Pitre that north side of the western butterfly wing is filled with fields of sugar cane.  Apparently the eastern butterfly wing, Grand Terre is ironically flatter and very agriculture focused.  But again we have not been so we won't know until we go.  
Typical street in Pointe a Pitre

Another typical street
I found Tom lingering a bit too long in front of places with "A Vendre = For Sale"  Rut Row.
Statue celebrating drumming
Le Musee Victor Schoelcher - champion of abolition of slavery in France and her territories
Pointe a Pitre was wonderful.  It's a big city much like Fort de France on Martinique.  We like big cities.  Being French, Pointe a Pitre and actually Guadeloupe has developed infrastructure that some of the newly independent Caribbean counties (last 50 years is new) just don't have yet.  Things take time and money.  France and her overseas territories have been around for a very long time.
 Pointe a Pitre had many wonderful murals and colorful graffiti that showed real talent
Very kewl

Back in the land of the baguette

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