Sunday, February 22, 2015

Tom's Great Moonhole Houses Expedition

Friday January 30th, 2015
Since arriving on the island of Bequia Tom has been obsessing over these Moonhole Houses.

What are Moonhole Houses you ask.  Good question.  There really isn't a great resource to answer this question, only bits and pieces on the internet.  It seems an American business exec in the 1950's got the idea to build houses in the lava rock way out on the remote western edge of Bequia.  These houses were intended to merge house into the surrounding environment.  The guy died before the project was complete.  Some of the houses sit in ruin but others are still solid structures used today mainly as unique vacation rentals.  

Access to these unusual houses is limited by land as the road in it private.  Tom decided we needed to see them up close so "Tom's great Moonhole House Excursion" was hatched.  We would go by water and thus dinghy.  S/v Karinya and s/v Rhon were game.  The distance was far so extra fuel and water was loaded into two dinghies.  Beer was loaded in the excursion leaders dinghy because what's an excursion without beer!  Off we went.  

We were able to get rather close.  

We checked out both the north shore houses and the south shore houses, using a narrow passage between the rocks at the very end of Bequia to get from one side to the other.  

We also checked out one of the southern beaches, finding many unusually shaped surf pounded shells and sea glass.  

All declared the excursion a success.  


  1. Very cool! I always appreciate and am fascinated by unique, interesting houses, just like Tom. Glad he was able to get a closer look. Seems like a fun time was had by all!

  2. We totally thought of you when we saw these.