Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bequia Beauty - Random Pics

The walkway along the waters edge.

Tom using the walkway to get to town.

Sabrina heading back to the boat.

Beautiful Shields racing yacht.  We stopped by a couple of times to visit with the owner as he worked on her in preparation for the Bequia Easter Regatta.

I bet the cruisers in The Bahamas would be jealous to see this roaming around the anchorage.  Water, fuel, ice and your laundry to your door/boat.

Green everywhere.  Even though the rainy season ended Dec 31st, Bequia is still getting daily showers and everyone is very happy.  But soon those will end and the dry season will start.  The above hillside was covered in some sort of vine.

Kewl tree.  I think it's a tree or palm or some such.

Exploring the island with fellow cruisers.

Dreadlocks on a goat?

Windward side of the island

This fisherman paddles around the anchorage until he needs to get somewhere and then puts up this very tiny sail to get him there.

Beautiful Bequia sunset.

Good night.

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