Sunday, December 7, 2014

SmartPlug - Maybe Not

July 2013 we purchased and installed a SmartPlug.  See the blog posting details here Dumb Plug SmartPlug.  We got this based on the recommendation of another Caliber couple - no names, eh Jason and Christie!

This morning after flipping a couple of switches on our nav station panel, Tom noticed something wasn't right.  He started checking a couple of items.  Shore power plugged in at power source?  Check.  Shore power plugged in at boat?  Visual look? -Check.  Physical inspection? Check, wait.....WT.....the cord completely fell out of the head of the SmartPlug when Tom went to physically check it.  Not good!

On further investigation, the rubber seal that helps secure the cord into the plug head completely failed.  This along with the two broken, plastic clips inside (see previous posting Dumb Plug Smart Plug) leads us to question the overall value of the plug itself.  The concept seems good but the quality inside the plug seems to be seriously lacking.  I plan to contact the company and I will let you know what they say.


  1. Definitely very curious as to how they respond. One problem with us bloggers is we write everything down. I just reread your post on the install and you noted damage in your new SmartPlug but installed it anyways. I wonder if they will review that before commenting?

    Good luck,

    s/v Smitty

    1. Jesse - You are right. We had to install as we were departing and WM was out - they shipped ours in special. I felt I needed to do this posting since I did the original. I have already contacted and heard back from the company. I will do a follow up blog posting. Only fair.