Sunday, December 14, 2014

Asa Wright Nature Centre

Joanne, John, Sabrina and Jean Louis
We shared a rental car in Trinidad with John and Joanne off s/v Out of Africa and Jean Louie off s/v Sagarmatha for two days a couple of weeks ago.  The car was basically a rent-a-wreck but it got us around.....however there was some question/worry of that at various times.  Ha!
Stretching our legs and wondering if the car will make it
The first day was spent running errands.  Day two was spent sight seeing.
Look closely, do you see it?
As a South African, John is used to left hand driving and expertly drove us up into the rain forest to Asa Wright Nature Centre (their spelling, not a typo).

The former estate house and grounds were donated and eventually in 1967 became a protected conservation area for the protection of wildlife, study and enjoyment of all.

The main house veranda makes an outstanding viewing platform.

Numerous hiking trails and a cave are on the grounds.

The big focus at Asa Wright Nature Centre is the birds.  There is something like 17 different types of humming birds.

I know very little about birds (nothing really) but there were guides to help us spot and indentify the many, many, many birds there.

We saw four toucans as well as parrots in trees further off through high powered scopes positioned on the veranda for our use.

Tom and John went for an hour hike with one of the guides.

Joanne, Jean Louis and I opted for the veranda.

We all ate lunch on the veranda.  It was so peaceful with the sounds of all the birds as our lunchtime soundtrack.

It wasn't just us and the birds having lunch, an agouti came out for some lunch as well.

Leftover hanging bird nests (sacks) were visible in the distance as well.

Listen to the sounds on the video.  It was like that the whole time we were there.  Bird sounds non-stop.

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  1. I am beyond envious! You know how much we love're killing me! Glad you got to experience it but wish we'd been there too. :-)