Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What I Did On My Summer Break

By Sabrina - in no particular order

Took an inside shower every day
Wore makeup that involved more than mascara - and yes I was out of practice!
Painted my nails and toenails for the first time in 17 months
Used a hair dryer
Used a straight iron
Cooked a meal using more than one pan
Grilled out
Cooked meals without the use of a pressure cooker - brown rice takes forever without a PC
Ate quinoa - our supply on the boat ran out in May
Ate more than one bag of tortilla chips - NO, not in one sitting!  Sheesh!
Drove a car
Drove 5300 miles total in 3 months in our Murano
Drove fast
Hung out with friends
Sailed on a lake 
Taught sailing lessons
Talked on a cell phone daily
Text daily
Wore long pants
Wore a coat
Washed regular clothes in a regular washing machine on a regular basis with warm or hot water
Visited the cities of:  Kansas City, Lawrence, Manhattan KS, Garden City, Washington DC, Wichita 
Visited:  The Flint Hills Discovery Center, American Jazz Museum, Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, The National Builder Museum, Navy Memorial and Museum, National Archives, National Sculpture Park, Nelson Atkins Art Museum, The Kemper Contemporary Art Museum
Monuments - Washington, WWI, Vietnam, Korean, Lincoln, MLK, Women of War, Roosevelt and Jefferson.
Watched TV news
Watched PBS
Watched regular stupid TV
Swam in backyard pools belonging to friends - thanks!
Attended:  a Naturalization Ceremony, a county fair,  Plaza Art Fair, our first ever concert at the world class Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts - Modern Rock The Music of Reich, Ligeti and Zappa, the Big Picnic (on the lawn at the Nelson Atkins Art Museum)
Hung out in Loose Park
Toured Boulevard Brewery
Went to a movie theater to see movies
Took a guided tour of Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts
Went to the funeral and memorial of a friend's mother
Watched K-State Football on TV - EMAW!!
Watched Chief's Football on TV - Go Chiefs!
Watch Royal's Baseball POST SEASON (1st time in 29 years for the team) on TV - Let's Go Royals -clap x5!!
Met friends for coffee mid morning in the middle of the week
Hugged and hugged and hugged family and friends

*Tom got to help Keebon bring a new calf back from Wheaton KS, raising the total calf count to 3 at the ole Haefner ranch.  Quite an experience for the city boy Tom! 
Mother and daughter

Dad with the downtown banner he painted - 4 sale if anyone is interested

The Big Picnic on the lawn at the Nelson Atkins Art Museum

Flint Hills Discovery Center in Manhattan KS
Flint Hills - so pretty
Tom and nephew Graham in DC
Boulevard Brewery in KC
Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts - World Class!
Inside the Kauffman Center - a MUST see!
Inside the Kauffman Center - a MUST attend something here!
Sailing on Lake Perry - Thanks Bill & Tim/Kim & Ben
Cruising Lake Perry 
Boomerangs in Loose Park
County fair stuff

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  1. Wow, you did an amazing amount of stuff in just a few short months. Energetic and impressive!