Sunday, October 26, 2014

Things We Have Learned - What do you miss most

This is a common question we have been getting lately as we visit with family and friends after living aboard for over a year and spending eight months in the Caribbean.  Aside from the obvious of family and friends......

1.  Sliced turkey and ham-  Prior to leaving the USA, we ate a lot of sliced deli meat.  It was easy and we like it.  We have seen it in the Caribbean but it's been too expensive.  Jolly Harbor was the only place where the price was reasonable so we gorged ourselves.  Additionally we miss whole turkey and/or whole turkey breast. We used to have one approx 4 times a year.  No need to wait for Tday.  We would roast or smoke up a turkey breast and eat on it for several meals.  YUM!  *Update - Pricemart warehouse club here in Trinidad has sliced ham reasonably priced.  Woo Hoo!
2.  NPR-  Yes, we could download podcasts but as you all know, we are somewhat internet challenged at times.  When we do get good internet, we are generally focused on other items like weather, banking, finances, etc.... Additionally the connection may not be strong enough to stream or download podcasts.

3.  Ice - Those of you that know me are probably surprised to learn I have been living this past year for the most part without ice.  What?  I know!  I went from habitual ice chewer to near ice abstention.  Shocking!  We have a freezer but it's under our fridge so to access anything means taking  stuff out of the fridge to get to the freezer part.  We are also finding, as we go south, the water is warmer and things against the hull do not remain frozen.  We need more installation.  OR we can just keep less in the freezer and get used to chilled drinks - NO ice!  


  1. After three months in the Bahamas I missed the hot tub! You can get pretty beat up on a sailboat.
    I also always miss ice. I guess you didn't bring that big ice maker from Brunswick.
    Glad to see you back posting.
    Chris s/v Juniper (kept her for at least one more year :))

  2. The ice maker is still going strong. I am a ice eater too. I will eat a few cubes for you if that helps. When do you and Tom head back to the boat? Take care and tell Tom hello.

    1. Glad the ice machine is still working. Please chew a few cubes for me. Good to hear from you. We are back aboard. Yay!