Thursday, July 3, 2014

Dinghy Repair Number- Whatever

We continue to nurse along our old dinghy Nick Nack.  It's a really good dinghy, just old.

The hull is a double hull.  The lower drain plug has been leaking, allowing water to get in between the hulls and thus slowing us way down.  *Yes my fellow cruising friends.  That is why we putt along behind you on dinghy rides ashore and such.  That plus....what's the hurry?  We're cruising.  At least that is our story and we are sticking to it! 

With the help of Paul off s/v Sonic Boom, the guys were able to hoist it out of the water and onto the dock.  *Last time we did this, Tom hurt his back badly so we are grateful to Paul for helping us.  

After a thorough cleaning with Snow Bowl, Tom dug out the old dinghy plug and re-bedded a new one in there.  This should stop the water leaking in.  FYI - Turns out the bottom of our dinghy is white.  Bright white.  Who knew!

Our outboard is getting a checkup as well.  Soon we will be zooming all around.  

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