Thursday, July 3, 2014

Anchor Windlass

Salt kills people!
We knew we needed to do a full blown maintenance service on our anchor windlass.  We had hoped to do that prior to leaving the states but we just never got around to it.  I did cleaned the connections completely and gave it a good wipe down prior to casting off.  It worked before and kept working so off we went.  Hey, we were busy prepping for our passage to the Caribbean.  There wasn't a lot of need for it on our passage to the BVI's.  For you don't anchor in the middle of the ocean.

A couple of windlass hiccups lately pushed this up on the TO DO list here in Trinidad.
This is NOT a salt bowl for rimming your margarita glass
A guy from a shop called Dynamite showed up today to take the anchor windlass out for servicing.  Good thing the name of the company was Dynamite because it did NOT want to come out.  Parts of it were seized up to other parts making it really tough to get out.  Finally, after using various tools and methods to get it out, the guy got it pried loose and took it back to the shop for analysis and hopefully repair.
Rusty - not good
Now we wait to hear back how bad and how much.

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