Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mirabella V - World Largest Sloop

She was in port and all of Charleston was a buzz. Even non-sailors stopped by the City Marina to see her. From our slip looking across the Cooper River, across the Charleston skyline to the far side, we could see her mast towering above all the other buildings. We drove over to take a closer look. We could only get semi-close. For more details click Mirabella V. *That beautiful wine colored yacht in the foreground is nothing to sneeze at either. Wonder if the captain of that vessel got his ego bruised when Mirabella sailed in? Size, yachts, egos, men...sometimes those seems to be tied together. Lucky for me, that isn't the case with Cap10 Tom.

FIVE sets of spreaders! How many does your boat have? But never fear. No manual mast climbing here. She has a cage/lift on the front of the mast that takes you up the mast.

The furlers are larger than the average person. Look closely at the below pic and you will see people on the foredeck to give some sense of scale.

She's big and all but she didn't even have an sushi tower aka arch and certainly not a kewl sushi tower like s/v Honey Ryder....soo...thanks but no thanks.
Speaking of mega yachts, m/v SeaFair was anchored in the Cooper River. She is a 228 ft floating art gallery. We didn't get invited on-board, imagine that! Turns out they weren't in Charleston for a show but waiting out some bad weather elsewhere.

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