Thursday, October 13, 2011

Charleston Again

A nice long weekend on s/v Honey Ryder was just the ticket to renew our spirits. I can't fathom why this country is STILL celebrating Columbus Day as an official holiday because it's pretty much been proven that he really wasn't the first one to discover "the new world". I cringe at the idea of celebrating the holiday my opinion...he was a crappy navigator. Come on, he was! He thought North America was China/far east for goodness sake! But I will gladly take an official public holiday any time because it usually means boat time. Woo Hoo!

We didn't do any sailing as s/v Honey Ryder is still stripped down for hurricane season. We did some boat chores, met with a rigger and popped by the canvas shop. We got to know more of our dock neighbors ie interesting/fun characters, ran errands, did touristy stuff and generally hung out.

We had hoped to bring our old radar home to have a little fun. Ideas we batted around were putting on the back of our little day sailor. Or on top of Tom's jeep just for kicks. NOT connected - just for the joke of it. In the end it was too big, heavy and waste of time and $$ so....Tom listed it on Craigslist when we got there and sold it immediately. Cha-ching...we got eating around $$ and a local dude got a very cheap radar to tinker with and fix up.

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