Monday, April 18, 2011

Sail til it hurts

I did sustain an injury on this trip. I fell and cut my chin open pretty good.

The story? Well....I was on a boat. None of this falling on, off or around the dock stuff.
Version #1
The Italian Melges Race team was in a slip just up the dock from us. I decided to make friends with them (imagine that), one thing lead to another and I got a ride as they ran did a practise sail. Have you seen the Melges boats? Those suckers can fly! Anywho....they didn't speak much English, I don't speak any Italian, throw in a jibe or two and SMACK, split chin, blood, butterfly bandage and broken relations with the Italians. Ciao!

Version #2
I was touring the flight deck of the USS Yorktown and tripped over the plane catcher cable thing, stumbled about like a drunk sailor trying to catch myself but went down anyway - HARD and cracked my chin wide open.

Let the voting begin. Vote for which story you think best explains my chin injury.


  1. Having seen ESS in action.......I think I'll have to vote for the tailhook arresting wire. But then again, it could have been the keel monkeys.

  2. Ouch, poor you! Hopefully no stitches were required. Sailing (and even the tourista stuff that goes with it) is definitely not hazard-free. ;-) Heal up quickly!