Monday, April 18, 2011

Crew for Savannah to Charleston 2011

Michael joined us for the entire trip from Savannah to Charleston. He was terrific crew helping with numerous projects, chores, trouble shooting, watches and such.
Unfortunately Kimberly had to work but when she joined us in Charleston, she quickly made her mark as a valuable crew member by securing an evening of FREE Goslings Rum drinks complements of the Goslings National Events Rep who happened to be at the bar when Kimberly ordered her first Dark and Stormy of the evening. Woo Hoo Kimberly.
Gosling wagon? NOT! Thankfully the marina staff was smart enough to lock up the key.

*If Michael crews for you....don't let him near the DC switch. Ha, ha a funny guy flipping the switch and making all the nav instruments go dark. Very funny indeed!

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