s/v Honey Ryder

She is a1998 Caliber 40 LRC.  We are the third owners.
Isn't she spectacular!
We purchased her in April 2010.
Nice Aft!
Why Caliber?  Go here to see for yourself.  Go here specifically for the Caliber 40 RLC.
Even the line drawing is sexy.
Buying a boat is no different than any other major purchase in your life.  It's all about getting as many features and benefits as possible with as little compromise as possible.  The various lists of requirements were long but we prioritized and whittled them down.  Then we did TONS  of more internet research and then re-prioritized again and again until we got OUR list ready for the great boat search.
The factory where all the magic happens
Caliber soon rose to within our top 5 list.  A factory tour sealed the deal and probably helped propel it into our top 3.
The molds
Kathy McDonald graciously took the time to personally tour us through the facility as we peppered her with millions of questions.
Kathy explains the important details
Rock solid boats, designed well and built in a intimate but professional setting by some terrific craftsmen and women of the boat building trade.
The Caliber TANKAGE!
And this wasn't our first rodeo in terms of a boat building factory tours.  Oh no.  We are old hands at this by now.  Actually we are just freaks of all things sailing and we dig factory tours. We toured the Catalina factory in LA many years ago when KSU beat the shi...(never mind) out of USC in football one pre-season and Catalina still built boats in CA.
Taking shape
We toured the Island Packet factory on a previous FL holiday when we took (and passed) our ASA 101, 103 & 104.  FYI - Island Packet is just down the road from the Caliber factory. 
Another beauty rolls of the line
*Sadly, it seems the economy has taken it's toll.  I am not sure how much the factory is doing these days since our 2008 tour.