Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Cutlass Bearing Replacement

New cutlass bear in front of the strut where it goes

We had to haulout for an insurance survey.  While out of the water, we discovered that the cutlass bearing was more than likely bad, as in shot, kaput, finish!  Luckily, Tom had the replacement aboard.  Luckily, Waterfall Marine (Chute D"Eau Marine, LTD) here in Coral Cove Marina boatyard could switch it out for us that day.
Old cutlass bearing

Prop puller
By switch it out, I mean.......
Prop puller
Pull the prop off - not an easy task.

Strut, zincs, line cutter, prop - all removed

Remove the strut - not an easy task.
Everything removed

Removed the bearing - They did this in the shop so I have no idea how they did it but I suspect there is a little something to doing this.
Prop back in place

Everything back in place and ready to go

And finally put the new one on and then put it all back together again.  Whew!  Thank you Sean at Waterfall.


  1. Wow!! Glad you hauled out and so glad Tom had a spare onboard. Isn't it great when everything comes together.

  2. What has happened to you guys? It's been awhile are you okay? Marc