Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Missing In Action

Paradise Beach Carriacou
Yes, the blog has been quiet.  I said quite not quit.  We have been:  preoccupied, busy, social, without free-strong internet and lazy.  That is my story and I am sticking to it.  However, it doesn't mean I haven't been blogging.  I just haven't been posting.  It actually takes a lot of time to blog...at least for me us.  Blogging for us includes - writing, re-writing, fact checking, add pics (takes strong internet), more re-writes, adding links, getting the post to the editor for editing, debating with editor about content and choice of language, and finally publishing.  Whew!
Paradise Beach Carriacou
The last two weeks the writer and editor have been moonlighting as boat yard workers prepping sv Honey Ryder for hurricane season.  It's hard to write at the end of a long day when you can't get all the wax, stainless steel polish, engine oil, boat dirt and such completely off your hands.  I know, I know....boo hoo us.  I am not complaining, just letting you know what we have been up to.  Remember.....it's not all pretty sunsets and drinks with little umbrellas. 

So.....in the near future I will catch you all up.  Please stay tuned.  


  1. "Quiet", not "quite". Need a good editor to come along for the ride? ;-) Safe travels and we fellow bloggers totally understand -- typos AND time off needed!

    1. Good catch. Corrected. Truth be told.....I didn't run this one by the editor. Oops. Thanks for being the backup editor. Funny.....it all looks and sounds perfect in my head when I read through it. ha!