Sunday, March 13, 2016

Tobago - Argyle Falls

A short walking distance (approx 3 kilometers) from the bus stop in Roxborough at the edge of town we found Argyle Falls.

It is basically a series of three falls with pools at each level.  It was not crowded  - 6 other people besides us.  They all hung out at the first pool and didn't stay long.

Not content to just stay at the first level, we immediately headed off for the top fall and accompanying pool. 

The view from the top was nice. The top fall and pool lovely.  And....we had it all to ourselves!

 Of course we got in!

Not the largest falls we've seen in the Caribbean but decent size.
See Tom on the rocks to the right of the fall?

It was quite refreshing. 

After a thorough soak and exploration, we climbed back down.

One last look up at all three.

The hike in and out was easy.  Large clumps of bamboo and big trees gave us shade.

Cocoa trees were abundant.

Yummm - chocolate

Teak trees as well.  Teak is the preferred wood of most sailors. 

Yummmm - teak
One side of the driveway in was lined with beautiful teak trees and the other side was lined with cocoa trees.  What a great address that would be!

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