Saturday, February 27, 2016

Cruising - Big School of Learning

Zero hour:   -Shop Class --a hands on lab
First period:   -History and Geography
Second period: - Language Lab
Third period:  -Social Studies
Forth period:  -Human Ecology --including hands on food and sewing labs -(perfect as its right after social studies and right before lunch)
5th period:  -World Politics and Current Affairs --(after lunch so sleep can set in for some students, confusion and/or delusions for others)
Six period:  -Science -- oceanography, biology, natural science, astronomy, chemistry (hands on lab in corrosion) 
7th period:  -Economics and Mathematics -- currency exchange rates, budgets, real/black/gray and rum markets
Extra credit:  -Technology Lab --marine electronics, communications, audio visual
Physical Education:   --throughout the day weather permitting, depending on classroom setting 

*Like  many, most public school districts in the USA, budget constraints have caused the consolidation of some fields of study as observed above. 


  1. You left out the Elective for Second Period -- Bad Language Lab. (Or was this a consolidation?)

  2. It's true -- so many things to learn and retain! Keeps the old synapses strong. :-)